Sustainable Triarchy Denim for Women

What began as a direct-to-consumer denim brand started by siblings Mark, Adam, and Ania Taubenfligel became Triarchy, a designer denim brand known for its sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes.

Jeans are historically one of the worst offenders in the fashion industry when it comes to the environment: Making denim often wastes a lot of water, and cotton production typically uses pesticides that harm the planet. Stretch jeans add another layer of concern: Most stretch jeans incorporate plastic to make them stretchy, but this plastic doesn't biodegrade, and when you wash your jeans, it can release microplastics from the fabric into the water supply. When they realized the environmental impact their business had, the Taubenfligel siblings shut down the business to come up with a more sustainable way to make denim. The result is today's Triarchy denim, made with eco-friendly manufacturing practices from start to finish. When you buy Triarchy jeans from, you can feel good about how you look as well as how little your purchase affected the environment.

Innovations in Triarchy Denim

The making of a pair of Triarchy jeans is eco-conscious from fiber to finish. This starts with the denim itself, made with organic cotton and Tencel, a natural fiber that comes from trees. For stretch jeans, Triarchy uses a type of denim created by an Italian denim mill that uses 96% organic cotton and 4% natural rubber to give the fabric its stretch; this is the first time organic stretch denim has been a part of the women's fashion market. The result is a pair of jeans that have the same fit and feel as other pairs of stretch jeans but offer more breathability. Triarchy also recycles denim whenever possible, breaking down vintage denim and reconstructing it into new designer fashions. The company dyes its denim with natural indigo dyes formulated to require no abrasive chemicals, and its designer washes use advanced biomimetic technology to avoid using harmful chemicals and wasting water. Triarchy has thought out every detail to create designer jeans that you can feel great about wearing.

Order Your Own Eco-Conscious Triarchy Jeans

Triarchy denim is comfortable and natural with a fit that hugs every inch of you to give you the freedom to move however you want. You can buy your own pair of Triarchy jeans from's designer boutique, where we've put together a curated selection of the latest trends from high-end designers like Triarchy so our customers can find their new favorite luxury fashions. Find apparel that's a perfect fit for your lifestyle with!

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