The Best On-Trend Designer Leggings for Women

One of the ultimate wardrobe staples of the modern woman, cute leggings have gone far beyond the gym.

Welcome in clubs, enjoyed as leisurewear, and still worn for workouts, the best leggings for women keep up with your active lifestyle. At, we've carefully curated the best designer leggings for our boutique, so you're sure to find the right pair for your personal style.

Shop the Best Leggings for Women’s curated collection of designer clothing includes some of the best leggings for women on the move. Shop top designers like Beach RiotSundry, and Koral for leggings that stand up to the pressures of daily life with all of the style of fashion week. Enjoy great products made from high-quality materials with resilient seams and comfortable designs. You'll find exactly what you need, whether you're looking to complete your next street fashion ensemble or prepare for a yoga retreat. We have the right pair of luxury leggings to deliver the comfort and confidence.

Leggings With Pockets: Where Fashion Meets Function

Pockets make everything better. Situations that require activewear usually demand free hands to grasp gym equipment and maintain balance, and pockets can keep the essentials handy. You don't have to worry about your phone, keys, or ID when you have leggings with pockets. Even if you choose to wear leggings as loungewear, pockets keep things simple: They provide a place for your phone, at the very least.

Find the Right Yoga Leggings for Your Lifestyle’s designer boutique gives you plenty of high-end options to fit your personal aesthetic. Easily compare different designers to find the fit, flare, and features you prefer. That may be leggings with pockets and bright colors or clean-cut yoga leggings for quiet meditation. Or maybe you're looking for some luxury high-rise leggings to go with your favorite crop top this summer. The right leggings fit your lifestyle and image, whether that's bright and center-stage or sophisticated and sharp.

Update your wardrobe with new luxury leggings and activewear that works as hard as you do with, then order your new favorite wardrobe pieces online today

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WEWOREWHAT Seamless Leggings

WEWOREWHAT Seamless Black High Waist Leggings

Koral Pista HR Leggings Black/Heather Purple

Koral Pista HR Pocket Leggings Black/Heather Purple

Koral Lustrous Infinity Legging- Teal

Koral Lustrous Infinity High Rise Legging- Teal

Stateside Bark Leggings

Stateside Bark Brown Leggings

Sundry Cargo Pocket Leggings

Sundry Cargo Pocket Charcoal Leggings

Beach Riot Colorblock Black/Tan Leggings

Beach Riot Colorblock Black/Tan Ribbed Leggings

Beach Riot Snake Stella Popover

Beach Riot Taupe Snake Stella Popover

Beach Riot Ayla Snake Legging

Beach Riot Ayla Taupe Snake Leggings

Sundry Striped Yoga Leggings

Sundry Clothing Stripes Yoga Legging Pants in Jam

Beach Riot Megan Rainbow Stripe Leggings

Beach Riot Megan Black w/ Rainbow Stripe Rib Leggings

WeWoreWhat Chain Belt Green Leggings

WeWoreWhat Chain Belt Army Green Ribbed Leggings

Beach Riot Black Lavender and Mint Leggings

Beach Riot Colorblock Black, Lavender, and Mint Leggings

Beach Riot Piper Legging in Buttercup

Beach Riot Floral Buttercup Piper Leggings

Beach Riot Bailey Legging Black Block Color

Beach Riot Ribbed Bailey Black Lime Punch Leggings

Beach Riot Ayla Crystal Tie Dye Legging

Beach Riot Ayla Crystal Tie Dye Leggings
$68.00 $108.00

Koral Sanko Infinity Leggings Lead/Citrina

Koral Sanko Infinity Lead and Citrina High Rise Leggings

Koral Chic Red Lustrous Leggings

Koral Chic Red Caiman Reptile Lustrous Leggings

AS by DF Gigi Leather Leggings

AS by DF Gigi Leather Knit Leggings in Black

Sundry Yoga Knit Leggings

Sundry Yoga Legging Pants in Black

Koral Pista Blackout HR Legging

Koral Pista Blackout High Rise Leggings

Koral Pista High Rise Legging

Koral H. Rise Pista Infinity Legging in Black and Camo

Koral Pista Leggings

Koral Pista Infinity High Rise Legging Black

Koral Lustrous Camo Leggings

Koral High Rise Camouflage Lustrous Leggings

Koral Lustrous Leggings

Koral Lustrous High Rise Leggings